Saturday, 25 July 2015

studio reorganisation continues

It's over a week since I posted, and the studio is still in limbo.  I should have taken photographs before I started to tidy up.  The corner of the studio shown below, with the bookcase and my book press was totally filled with boxes and canvasses, up to the top of the bookcase and overflowing onto the floor.

It was impossible to use the book press, and the clutter had filled the floor space so much that I couldn't get to my easel which is in the opposite corner (photographs later). 

Today I am going through the stuff in the bookcase.  The top one and a half shelves is full of my sketchbooks, some of which I never look at, so they are being relegated to the loft.  I also have A LOT of gallery exhibition catalogues, collected over the years, or in the case of the Sotherby's and Bonham's catalogues, bought from a Marlborough bookshop whilst on holiday.  I need to go through all these catalogues WITHOUT getting distracted, and weed out any that have no interest for me and pass them on  to someone who would appreciate them.

The art books will mostly stay in the bookcase, although I do have a lot of some artists such as Monet and Van Gogh as I pick these up in charity shops for very little and I can't resist buying them.

This is the IKEA wardrobe which is next to the bookcase, crammed full of STUFF - mostly paints, mediums, and sketchbooks, plus the wire drawer is full of paper - all muddled up.  This is the problem when you like to try everything and anything, so I have pastels, acrylics, oils and watercolours plus all the mediums for them, plus coloured pencils in a variety of mediums, charcoal etc, etc.

I have now tidied this up, and am trying to work out how to stop myself piling stuff onto the space in front of the drawers.  I guess I will move the drawers to the front of the shelf, and store stuff I don't use much behind them. When this stage is finished the bookcase is coming out of the corner and the wardrobe will be moved into it's place I hope.  The Ikea wardrobes are very heavy, even when empty, so I think it will be a struggle.

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