Friday, 3 July 2015

Missed post

I missed posting yesterday, I just forgot.  I have been out every day since I got back from holiday and am just so tired.  I need to get back into a routine of working in the studio, and hopefully I can get going again next week as I am only out one day and one evening.

Here is another of the Renishaw Hall experiments.  I was trying out texture paste and tissue, and was in a hurry to see how it looked so didn't bother with the drawing much, or even letting the texture stuff dry properly and it shows.

Renishaw Hall front

I like the quirkiness of the centre tilted walls, but it isn't quite what I want in the final painting.  I need to do lots more drawing and experimenting.  I added some soft pastel white and ochre, and I do like the broken effect, but think it would work better as part of the painting, in a dry brush technique.


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