Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Art Society preview

I went to the Bridlington Art Society annual exhibition preview last night.  I haven't been for a couple of years, mainly because I just tend to forget.  Diane offered me a lift, so I had to remember.

The exhibition was very nice, some very good work.  I was very pleased to get the Still Life category,  I think this is the third year running that I have won one of the categories, in fact last year I won the Acrylic prize and the overall best picture of the exhibition as well which amazed me because the painting was put in as an after thought.  Perhaps I need to paint more of these casual, off-the-cuff paintings.

This is the painting that won the Bridlington Art Society Still Life painting category of 2015.  I do like it, although I think a few more edgy lines would improve it.

And this is the painting that won the Acrylic and the best painting in the show last year.  This really was last minute as it was one I literally dashed off at Neil Helyard's class, using up paint on the palette.

I think this is the painting that won a category in 2013, but I can't remember which category, or even if this was the painting which won in 2013!

I am trying to see if a) there is any common factors of composition in these paintings, and b) am I improving?  I don't know - perhaps I need to print out the photo's and pin them on the wall for a while.

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