Monday, 13 July 2015

more on mini canvasses

The mount I painted yesterday with the acrylic inks has worked out quite well.  I think the colours are a little on the strong side, and I would do them much paler next time.  I finished framing it and took it up to the Old Town Gallery where I was stewarding this afternoon.  The one below isn't it.

I had made another one with a spare mount which also had a mark on it (they seem so prone to it) I don't think it quite works with this double canvas as the colour as pooled and run down the inside edge, making it look grubby.  I can take off the back mount and just leave the front.

I do feel that since I said I would be part of the Old Town Gallery my paintings have been more 'touristy' and also smaller.  I don't think this is a good idea, painting for a venue.  I feel I have lost my way since I got back from holiday, I'm confused and just don't know what my style is anymore.

I do like to do quirky paintings, I love colourful work, and I do like collage.  I also like muted, softer work and probably don't do as much of that as it just isn't saleable around here.

Back to the drawing board - why do I paint?  I paint because I have to do something creative.  I need to try to improve my work all the time - I can't just do the same things.  I critique my work all the time, probably too much.  Should I just paint for myself, or to sell?  If just for myself, how will I evaluate my skills? 
How hard it is being an artist.

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