Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Playing catch up

I seem to be in the mood to write posts today, so I am taking advantage of it.  I feel so much better having worked out why I am not being so productive.  I accept that I am not going to be a "painting a day" sort of person.  I need to work on several pieces at the same time, going back from one to the other.  Often two out of three paintings may be abandoned as not worth pushing further.  It's the way I work, so I'm not worrying about keeping up with a painting a day.  I do feel that I need to blog most days though, otherwise I could stop working at all.

I am my own worst enemy though as I have added another string to my bow, and I am now spending around an hour each evening doing scale model buildings for my husbands model railway.  I have been promising to do them for over a year, and there is nothing on the TV in the evening.  I am quite enjoying doing them as I am working on a kit at the moment and just have to follow the instructions.

I realised today that there is yet another exhibition I wanted to enter, although it is only the entry form that has to be in by next weekend, and not the actual work.  This is a 'postcard' exhibition being held at Woodend, Scarborough.  There is only one stipulation, and that is that they be 6 x 4 inch (10 x 15cm).  As several of my watercolour paper experiments turned out so well, I though this was an ideal opportunity to use some of them.  I just need to choose, trim if necessary, then count the number I want to enter.  So not a huge undertaking.

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