Saturday, 27 June 2015

No. 15, the last

I have used the last of the small pieces of watercolour paper on this piece.  The good news is that I have bought some more watercolour paper and intend to work for a while in squares and/or basic rectangles.  I would like to work out what are good rectangles, based on the Golden Mean.  I know that 5 x 8 is a good size, so I need to look up how to work it out for other sizes.

I decided to give the pink and yellow another outing, but balanced it with Payne's Grey.  I think it could have a little more dark tone, or perhaps have the dark tones sharpened up a little.  Otherwise I think it works.

I haven't talked about edges yet, smooth, jagged, soft, sharp, hard/soft, lost and found - there are so many of them.  Perhaps I should get my books out and make a list of all the compositional elements I could experiment with and make each series of mini paintings based on one or more of the elements.  I now I would fall down on line, something I need to practise more.

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