Sunday, 28 June 2015

Back from holiday

Came back yesterday, spent the morning sorting out and washing, even though it is my birthday.  I did manage to do a small piece on watercolour paper, the start of the series I talked about a few weeks ago.

Compositional exercises No. 1 6 x 6 inch

This piece was first painted with a wash of acrylic paint, dried then I added a little texture medium and some tissue paper.  When that was dry I added the dark green, drawing with the dropper in the acrylic ink bottle.  I had in mind tones of light, medium and dark, with analogous colours of yellow, yellow-green, and blue green.  The composition is cruciform.

I think there should have been less of the dark green, it draws the eye all over the picture, but not in a smooth flowing way, rather jumping about.  Not bad for the short time I have today.  

Next week I see in the diary I am out four full days plus a couple of afternoons, so I can't see me getting a lot of work done.  I hope I can continue with these little compositional pieces though.  I need to get out some books on composition.

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