Sunday, 21 June 2015

Extreme landscape No. 9

I am still loving this process, and I can see that my ideas are beginning to move more to an abstract form.  I bought the DVD downloads of Debora L. Stewart's from North Light books, together with her book on abstracts.  The downloads are fabulous, I have just finished watching them, and want to watch them again.  The book only came a couple of days ago so I haven't got very far with it, but it does look great.

This piece is very small, and I am still in my 'turquoise' period,  but I love it.  I am not being judgemental about these tiny pieces of work, but after watching the DVDs I want to concentrate next on combining colour theory with composition.

I will wait until I have finished all these small pieces of watercolour paper first, then work on some slightly bigger pieces, with perhaps square or normal rectangular shapes.

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