Saturday, 6 June 2015

From trees to harbours

I'm still not feeling 100% today, so I haven't done very much.  I came across this prepped canvas when I was trying to bring a little bit of order to the studio.  It started life in a series of trees, but this one never got finished.  When I picked it up today, upside down, I immediately saw it as another harbour scene - obviously I am in a mind set with harbours at the moment.  I added a little more blue ink to the overall canvas to give it the right feel for a harbour scene.

Textured deep canvas, 12 x 12 inch

It has tissue texture on the bottom half, and texture medium at the top.  I am thinking about copying some of my drawings of houses onto watercolour paper , and collaging them into the flat area.  I like the idea of blocks of smooth collage against the more texture top and bottom.  I may even add them onto some light molding paste so that they are raised from the surface slightly,  I will have to see what works.

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