Monday, 25 May 2015

Whie blossom in blue vase

This is another work in progress post, as I am remembering to take the photos at the moment.  I'm finding it quite helpful looking at the photos, it gives another view of the work.

The piece started as one of my abstract 'beginnings'.  The picture above isn't the actual collage I started with but it is very similar.

white blossom in blue vase, mixed media 12 x 10 inch

I missed taking a photograph of the blocking in part of this painting as it seemed to go quite quickly.  It's one of the paintings I was working on whilst stewarding at Burton Agnes Hall on Saturday.

This one is quite interesting because I haven't radically changed anything.  Often I will change colours or shapes, but this seemed to work from the first.

I have added some charcoal lines at this stage, done on Sunday morning.  I like the graphic quality of charcoal.

Although there doesn't seem to be very much change from one to the other, there are subtle shifts on colour, tone and some edges are softened and lost whilst others are sharpened.  

The painting is propped up in the studio where I can see it as I come in.  I have already changed the chair back (the yellow rectangle with the orange & blue square in the middle, on the left of the vase).  I felt the angle of the top of the chair back needed to be higher on the left to balance the golden bowl on the right.  I think I am also going to lighten the yellow of the chair.  I think I also need to add a little dark mark in the top right-hand corner to balance the two other dark areas.

I really like this painting, and hope it works out, but the one thing that painting every day has taught me is that you can't be precious about a painting - if it doesn't work then it has to go.

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