Thursday, 21 May 2015

Landscape experimenting with grounds

This piece is done on one of the boards I prepped last week.  The sky and distant hills had a primer of gesso, the lower right hand side had light molding paste and the left lower side had absorbent ground.  I glued crushed eggshells down the centre and along the bottom right hand side.

Landscape experimenting with grounds 6 x 7 inch
This is not a great painting, not even a good painting, but I have learnt so much from doing it, and I keep all these experiments so I can see how they look.  I used acrylic inks to paint it, letting the inks run and flow, and only guiding with a brush when necessary.  I did brush over the sky as it didn't flow so well on the gesso.  I also added some oil pastel to the rough areas of molding paste and eggshells.

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