Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Harbour village in pastel

I went to the art class in Beverley today and did this picture.  I prepared the board last night with a mix of white acrylic paint and pumice powder.  I applied it firstly with a brush and then evened it out with a decorators sponge roller.  I gave it two coats, letting it dry in between each coat.  I read about this in Mark Leach's wonderful book "Raw Pastels".

Cornish Harbour, Pastel mixed media, 14 x 17 inch

At the class I brushed in a quick under-painting in watercolour, using complementary colours in places.  After this was dry I started to apply the pastel.  Pastel isn't something I feel in control of, but it's something I admire and I would like to get reasonably competent with it.  I didn't mean to make such a big picture as this, but perhaps using pastels works better on a large surface.

I intend to keep going with the pastels, and want to try all the things I have read about such as using alcohol to liquefy the pastel, making runs and drips; using different supports; using pastel pencils as well as soft and hard pastels.  I also want to experiment to see if I can include collage in a pastel painting.  I think this would work if I use acrylic matte medium and pumice over the collage.  I will have to try it and see what happens.

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