Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pastel painting

This is a pastel painting which I worked from a book, 'Painting the Landscape in Pastel' by Albert Handell. This is an excellent book, showing a loose impressionist style of painting which I love. I don't usually work from books, preferring my own photographs whenever possible, however, I am a novice when it comes to using pastels, and need all the help I can get.  I think this is a good beginning, and I intend to work more pastel paintings in the near future.

Pastel painting 12 x 12 inch

I made the ground for this painting by first painting heavy watercolour paper with blue acrylic, making sure the brush marks were random and in different directions.  When that was dry I added a thin coating of Golden Acrylics Micaceous Iron Oxide which has a gritty texture, but is fairly transparent if applied thinly.  When dry this gave a good surface for the pastels.

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