Sunday, 17 May 2015

Koi carp monoprint

I've had another very busy day today getting ready for the exhibition.  I also worked on a spread in the Bridlington Art Society SAA Frisk layflat sketchbook challenge.  I forgot to take a picture, so will have to catch up with it later.

Koi Carp, mixed media, monoprint

This started life as a monoprint, three curved blobs.  It took some time to make something of it.  I did it last week while at Cober Hill.

Because I have been working larger and larger lately, it is getting more difficult to produce a piece of work everyday.  I am reluctant to stop doing a daily painting, so have made the decision to begin a series of small paintings, probably only 6 x 6 inch square or a similar size.

I want to find time to do more of my textile work, something I haven't touched for a long time due to lack of time.  I'm hoping cutting down on the size of my daily paintings will give me more time whilst still letting me experiment with my paintings.

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