Thursday, 5 March 2015

Still Life

I started this still life with the idea that I would do it in the style of Mary Fedden.  Unfortunately it just ran away and ended in my own quirky style, so it ended up more after Van Gogh than Fedden.  I seem unable to leave a hard line.  I was also looking at a book about Anne Redpath when I had my lunch, so the teapot is more in her style.  I must try and stick to a plan!

Still Life, acrylic,  12 x 16 inch

I'm not happy with the background on the right, and am going to make it much darker.  I also need to tidy it up generally.   The composition is too strong on the left and is unbalanced, so I hope the dark background on the right will help this.

I love the fruit bowl, I found it in a charity shop, which is where I find most of my still life props.

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