Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Still Life No. 8 plus 100Artworks challenge

I had decided that this would be the last of the Still Life collage paintings, mainly because I feel it's good to try different techniques and different subjects.  That's, after all  what this blog is all about,  exploring design and techniques!  the trouble is, I am still really enjoying them, and I have loads of ideas for more.  The dilemma is should I carry on, or should I force myself to step out of the box onto the scary slippery slope of change?

Still Life No. 8, acrylic mixed media, 8 x 10 inch

I have also decided that uploading single images from the 100 Artworks Challenge is just too time consuming, so here are the first 9 in the experimental acrylic landscape series.

100 Artworks Challenge, acrylic landscapes, 1 to 9

I really can't believe that another month has gone by so quickly.  I have only missed one day since January 1st, so have 89 posts and about 100 photos uploaded.  I give myself a pat on the back, because some days it has just been so difficult to do, but I can see already that I am less hesitant to take chances, less worried about the outcomes (there's always tomorrow's artwork), and I feel I know my materials so much better than I did pre-Christmas 2014.

Here's to the next three months - they will be a real challenge as I am away three times in the next three months, so I will need to plan a lot.

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