Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Still Life Collage No.3

I am much happier with this one, I think the balance of light and dark, warm and cool, has worked.  The objects are also balanced small and large, angular and curved.

Still Life No.3, acrylic mixed media, 9 x 10 inch

Later today I will be adding another artwork.  I have joined the '100 Artworks Challenge' started by Kellee Wynne


You can read all about it here:The 100 Artworks Challenge by Kellee Wynne  The idea is to create 100 pieces of artwork within these loose guidelines:
  • One size (small works or large if you dare!)
  • One substrate (paper, canvas, etc)
  • One subject (landscape, still life, imaginary, abstract, etc)
  • One set of materials (printmaking, acrylic, mixed media, etc.)
  • Work every week, but without a deadline
  • Share your work
To explore one thing and improving that by repetition. I have decided to go with 'Landscapes'  I think at the moment I am going with very loose landscapes, but I will see where it takes me.

I am starting on heavy 'all media' paper by Seawhites, cut to 5½ inch (14cm)  square.  I want to explore other formats later so this will change to include landscape and portrait rectangles, including extreme formats in these.

I have made myself a 'list' of ideas to explore such as complementary colours, analogous colours, neutrals, high and low key colours.  I am also going to experiment with the backgrounds, including gesso, absorbent medium, light molding paste, and collage.

I will also try to experiment with mark making, including the tools, round brush, flat brush, palette knife, fingers, credit card, stamps, scratching tools etc.

Lastly I want to look at compositional formats such as cruciform, diagonal, S curve, low horizon, high horizon etc.  So no pressure!

And if that isn't enough, I also start Jane Davies 'Sketchbook Practise online workshop today, which will last for the next six weeks, and I know that I will be producing loads of work for that.  So I may not get much sleep over the next couple of months.

Here is the first of my 100 Artworks Challenge

100Artworks No.1, acrylic, 5½ inch square

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