Saturday, 14 March 2015

Still Life, after image

I spent the day at a workshop held by Driffield Art Society, lead by Paul Blackwell and Anne Thornehill.  The subject I (and most of the other attendees) chose was a white still life, light with a red light.

Paul explained about after image, and how a red light will actually give the shadows a green tint, and this was a fact.  We also noticed, as the day went on, that we saw more and more colour in the WHITE still life.  The sun came out and purple and yellow were added to the green and red.  Altogether a very good exercise, which I will be repeating when I find coloured bulbs for my lamp.

Still Life, acrylic,  14 x 15 inch

I still need to finish this piece, the top of the vase needs resolving, and the mid tones need strengthening, but it's a painting I really enjoyed.

The colour hasn't quite come out correctly in this photo, probably because I took it when the light was fading.  The orange at the left of the vase is more pinky.

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