Sunday, 31 July 2016

Things getting easier

I am back from the TSG summer school which was very enjoyable.  Very interesting few days.

Bridlington Art Society annual exhibition is also over now, and I am pleased to say that I got the award for both best abstract painting and, amazingly enough the best picture of the exhibition.  I got this last for a machine embroidery that I almost didn't enter.

Celtic Fish 10 x 8 inch machine embroidery

This was worked on water soluble fabric.  After the stitching is complete, including some hand stitching and beading, and some padded work, the water-soluble fabric is washed away.

I'm disappointed that neither of the two large acrylic pieces won anything.  I thought they were much the better pieces, but there is no accounting for taste.

I spent the day at Spurn Point yesterday, on a trip arranged by Larry Malkin, for members of East riding Artists.  It was a wonderful day, such a beautiful place, and I have loads of ideas for future work.  We are hoping that he will arrange another day as we spent most of yesterday learning about the history and geography of the place, and wandering around taking photographs.  We did very little sketching.

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