Sunday, 3 July 2016

Old Parcels Office, Scarborough

Have had a couple of good sessions at the Old Parcels Office.  I wasn't sure how it would go, if it would be different from working at home or not.  It is very different.  I have more space to walk back and just look.  In fact I have more space for everything.  Because it is such a huge building, the 'feel' of the place is different.

I have made a start on several paintings that look as if they have great possibilities.  I am going again today, and hope to get some sketching and take photographs of the beach and harbour as well as it's lovely and sunny.  It just depends upon if I can get parked anywhere as it will be busy with Sunday trippers.

The piece above is on board that I covered with a stiff gauze.   It isn't anywhere finished, but I'm pleased with it so far.

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