Sunday, 2 August 2015

Studio as finished

Here are some of the photo's of the studio as it is now.  This is as tidy as it ever will be.  The table at the front has wood, glue and batons for the storage boxes I am making, see further down this post.

Here are the cupboards and the bookcase, moved so that there are no nasty corners where I can dump stuff.

On the right of this picture you can see a wooden box?  I am making a set of three of these, each a slightly different size, to store blank canvasses, paper and board, plus some of the finished works.  They will slot behind the bookcases and hopefully keep tidier than before.

Here is one cupboard, nice and tidy, although the shelf is sagging.  I have taken a lot of the weighty stuff out of the drawers and it's now stored at the bottom of the cupboard.

Here is the other cupboard, lovely and tidy - for now.

I have been doing quite a bit of work in between all the chaos, but just didn't have time to take photographs, put them through Photoshop and post them,  so will start today.

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