Saturday, 8 August 2015

More Bridlington boats

Yet again a week has slipped by without my posting, time seems to be on warp-drive at the moment.  I am very busy trying to get some new work finished for our exhibition at Burton Agnes Hall,the first two weeks of September.  I am away the last week of August, so will only have one day between getting back and setting up the exhibition, so I need to get everything ready before I go away.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the Bridlington Boats I was experimenting with a few weeks ago.

These two pieces are oil paint.  I drew them straight from the tube - no brush or palette knife.  It was very liberating as I just couldn't be precise and fussy.

 I like them both, and will do this again with other subjects.

This piece was using acrylic inks, drawing with the pipette, then adding Quink ink, letting it dry and then using bleach in a plastic pipette to draw with.  The bleach technique is very hit and miss, and also quite smelly.  I don't know what effect it has on the paper, I usually wait until everything is bone dry then run the picture under the tap to get rid of any remaining bleach residue.


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