Monday, 3 August 2015

Bridlington boats

I spent the week before last working on images of fishing boats.  The idea originally was to work up a serious of sketches for textile work.  I did several 'mood' sheets, which is something I always did for my textiles, before I started painting seriously and ended up painting more than stitching.

I have wanted to get back to stitching for months now, but I just never seem to get the time for both painting and stitching, and can never work out how to divide my time so it does work.  Anyway, that's where I started when I did these.

These are some of the mood sheets - I like to collage my photographs, scans of my previous work, both actual and in sketchbooks, and texture/colour from old magazines until I get the right 'feel'.

These are all copies from my 'Sea' sketchbook - although it is more of a 'mood' book in itself - no drawing was used during the making of this book!

These are photos, plus some lovely imagery I found in an old  National Geographic magazine.  I like to alter the magazine imagery a little by using white spirit on paper towel, gently rubbing to disturb the ink.

This one was similar to the one above, but I then used some oil painting, drawing with the tube, to add marks, and also splattered  some acrylic ink in places.

The last one is the cover of a sketchbook I made- it was meant to contain all the works from these sessions, but the size of the works ran away with me, and also I am quite pleased with some of the work, so will be framing it.  I think I will print out the work and mount it into the book, adding more marks if I feel like it needs it.

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