Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Moroccan figure

 Another sketch in charcoal, trying to capture a misty look.  I did add a little white gouache to lose some of the lines into the background.  Still finding figures very difficult, and not excited by the subject yet.

Moroccan figure, charcoal, gouache, 5 x 12 inch

I have been looking through some of my old work and thought it would be interesting to post a few, to show how my style has changed.  The painting below was done about 15 or more years ago, when I first started with acrylics after painting with pen and watercolour before that.  It looks as if I used a ruler to get the straight edges!  The water and the shadows work well though.

Thornton Dale, acrylic, 12 x 20 inch

I know that many people will wonder why I wanted to find a looser style, would be very happy with the painting style shown above.  The answer is that it doesn't have any of 'me' in it.  Anyone could have painted it. 

Having said that, these figures haven't any of me in them either.  I will keep battling to the end of the month, hoping that I find my way.

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