Monday, 20 April 2015

Landscrape workshop

I went to a workshop with Sandra Holle today entitled 'Landscrape Inspiration.  No brushes were used, only things to scrape with such as plastic cards, painters scrapers and palette knives.  It was an interesting workshop.  This piece is one of two I did, it still needs a lot of work.  The three verticals are from the brown paper covering the table, I just thought it needed something upright.  I may turn these into trees.

Landscrape, 12 x 16 inch, acrylic

I'm not sure if it is my thing as I really like fluid colour with drips and runs and soft edges, but it was an interesting way to work.  Particularly of note is the way that you can build up textures by scraping thin layers of acrylic, leaving them to dry and then scraping other thin layers over, building up a nice textured surface.

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