Sunday, 5 June 2016

Working in different styles

I've been working on three paintings in the last week or so.  The subject is the same in each, but the style is different.  Or I should say the style is meant to be different.  It is very difficult to change your way of doing things, you get into the 'zone' and just revert to the old tried and tested way.

This painting was done using high chroma colours, in the style of the Scottish Colourists.  It's not quite finished, but I want to leave it for at least a week so I see it with fresh eyes, and can see what needs doing to finish it.

I'm also writing an article for Diane, Jacqui and I as a form of self-promotion.  It's been difficult to get together and get the necessary photographs done.  So difficult to take pictures of yourself working as you need a friend or a camera timer, and you can only really pretend to be working as you are aware of the camera, and the fact that you can't move much.

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