Sunday, 12 June 2016

Colds and work

I started with what I thought was hay-fever on Friday, but it may be a cold as I still have it, even though it's now raining.  The rain usually clears the pollen from the air.

I went to Hull yesterday with a friend to check out a drawing class.  It's a 'back to basics' sort of class, but we both feel that this would be good for our practise.  We had a look at the BA work first and didn't feel that the organisation of it was very good, no labelling of either names of students or the course they had taken.  The fact that there was hardly anyone there is an indication of the feeling it generated.

We then went over to the FE side and found the place packed, the staff were completely different too, couldn't do enough for us, drinks, seats, brochures and arranged transport to the other site where we saw some extremely good work, all correctly labelled, and with a member of staff escorting visitors around and answering any questions - a perfect presentation.  We have left our contact details as we have been told that the tutor will ring us to discuss our needs and arrange an interview.  It all sounds promising.

I haven't managed very much painting this week unfortunately, and what I have done is for the Woodend Open Summer Exhibition which I don't want to post yet.

The picture above is work I have on my studio wall, work that isn't for sale.  They are all from my 'Coast' series of on going work.  The top two pieces are very simple stitched wax paper with found beach treasures, representing the ebb and flow of the tide.  The bottom two are mixed media paintings, representing the fishing villages of North Yorkshire that cling to the cliffs, tiny communities holding fast against the massive force of the North Sea.

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