Saturday, 7 May 2016

Cober Hill

I have had very little time at home over the last week.  First I was at Cober Hill, and then Stewarding at Burton Agnes Hall Courtyard Gallery.

I did one or two good pieces of work at Cober Hill, one of the best as far as I am concerned was done in a couple of hours on the last day.  These are both quite small, around 9 inch square.

Seascape, acrylic

I bought a set of spreaders in Poundland a few weeks ago.  I just happened to see them, I don't know what they are really designed for, but were in the DIY department so maybe for filling cracks in walls?  Anyway I decided to take them with me to Cober Hill to give them a trial.

Yorkshire landscape, acrylic
I didn't get chance to use them until the last day, in fact the last few hours before we cleared up.  They are amazing.  Although plastic, they have the same flex and spring as a palette knife, and as they are very light, they are easy for me to use.  The largest is around 5 inch wide, going down to around 1½ inch wide.  The corners are right-angles, but I am going to try trimming one corner to a curve.  I hope they still have them because I love them and want to buy some more.

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