Thursday, 19 February 2015

Extreme Composition lesson 6

This is the last lesson in the Extreme Composition course.  The six weeks with Jane Davies have been very good, very intense, but very informative.  It has been exciting seeing the other student's work, and their response to the lesson, as well as watching Jane's video's.

This lesson is about Proportion, Orientation and Format, taking them to Extremes.  It was also about working in a series, and working in Modular Format.  The first part of the lesson was an optional warm up exercise, in our own style, but using extreme formats.  Although I had only one day to paint, I decided to do this option.

The picture below is my first of the lesson, showing an extreme vertical format.

'Dawn breaking'. Acrylic, mixed media 24 x 8 inch

It's my 50th post today  I'm absolutely amazed and over the moon that I've managed to keep going for so long.  It's been very difficult some weeks to actually 'make' work, and some weeks have been so busy I have had to squeeze in painting.  Anyway, here's to the next 50 posts until I reach my century!

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