Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Extreme Composition, lesson one

I felt I should add a piece of work from lesson one, which was about line, and this is it.  I feel some tension in these lines.

Line, 10 x 12

Only a few more days to go to the end of the first month, it seems to have gone remarkably quickly.  I have managed, excepting for a few days last week, to keep to a studio routine of two hours morning and two hours in the afternoon, most days. , I haven't managed to work out where the textile work fits into this regime yet.

I work upstairs in a bedroom, when stitching or working on the embellisher.  Perhaps because the studio is 'in my eye' every time I go from the living room to the kitchen, and also the desktop computer is in the studio, so I go in frequently to use it and see work laying about.

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